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Letting Agent Software

Letting Agent Software

Whether you operate from a single regional office or manage a national network of letting agents, your software needs to support objectives such as increasing lets and supporting high levels of customer service. Letting agent software should also deliver internal efficiencies such as avoiding duplication, which can be achieved through a single system across all of your activities including lettings, sales and property management.

We understand how companies can best achieve their goals through the effective application of letting agent software through supporting over 3500 users - from single user systems to over 500 seat solutions.

Cloud based letting agent software

Our software for letting agents is 100% cloud based – this stems from having the vision in 2001 to develop our solution fully this way. As leaders in cloud based software solutions we provide measurable savings in IT costs to our customers and offer unrivalled access options to users via a range of devices – home, office and abroad - PC, laptop tablet and mobile.

By offering true cloud software solutions, a single database for use across all disciplines (sales, lettings and management) and a wide range of functionality – our letting agent software solutions are unique in the market.

Example functionality of our letting agent software:

  • A prospective tenant can be linked to a property and a new let created. This automatically generates events in the diary based on the parameters set when the software is configured. 
  • Progression to let tools.
  • Key milestones can be set and customised. 
  • Action history recorded for future reference. Referencing details and tenancy verification procedures to allow authorised staff to vet information entered at branch level before tenancy goes live.
  • Unlimited progression notes and other details can be fully recorded against records. 
  • Full financial records, with the ability to view all transactions on demand. 
  • Ability to receive branch payments. 
  • Add/modify charges with full reporting ability.
  • Tenancy summary page and tenancy file front cover sheet can be produced from the system.

Integration with property management and accounting

A key reason businesses choose our letting agent software is the integration of lettings accounts with property management functionality.

The powerful web based client accounting and property management functionality offers organisations the opportunity to re-think how they can do business more profitably. A selection of the functionality on offer is shown below

  • Tenant & landlord receipts/batch processing and create BACS files
  • Branch payments - enter and manage payments at branches as they are made and cleared
  • Pay landlords, tenants, contractors, inland revenue and agency charges easily
  • Payments from deposits held.
  • Produce Non Resident Landlord (NRL) tax returns.
  • Cheque run & Cheque payments schedule - payments yet to be made.
  • Tenant and landlord ledgers.
  • Contractor invoices - post contractor invoices against appropriate property or tenancy records.
  • Miscellaneous charges, refunds & credits.
  • Bank reconciliations.
  • Transfer funds - move holding deposit from one tenancy to another.
  • Company let invoicing.
  • Create holding accounts.

A focus on full action history and task management within our software for lettings agents

Key functionality:

  • Full supplier and contact database. surveyors, solicitors, DEA's, inventory clerks, contractors, etc.
  • Gas and electricity safety checks.
  • Mid term inspections.
  • Contractor works orders, management and payment.
  • E-mail suppliers/contractors.
  • Renewal administration & termination administration
  • Arrears management.
  • All documents are linked to individual records.
  • Full scanning of related documents.
  • Mail merge of names and addresses to standard letters to avoid re-keying.

Reporting and management information

Our solution for lettings includes a full reporting suite to provide detail on all aspects of transactions. From applicants and tenants, through to full financial reporting and client accounts including all NRL requirements. Our years of development and research, together with listening to our customer’s needs, has allowed us to provide reports covering but not restricted to:-

  • KPI's - viewings, valuations, offers, sales, exchanges, lets, etc.
  • Pipeline reporting.
  • Vendor/landlord feedback.
  • Vendor/landlord login reports.
  • Applicant login.
  • Employee login reports and system usage logs.
  • Advertising logged against individual property records.
  • Tenant arrears.
  • Bank detail Changes.
  • Audited field Alterations.
  • Deposit deficiencies.
  • Holding deposits (Inactive records).
  • Landlord negative balances.
  • Reconciliation schedule & reconciled transactions.
  • Tenancy listing.
  • Tenant negative balances.
  • Tenant detail changes.
  • Transactions audit & transactions log.
  • Unreconciled transactions.
  • Unclosed tenancies.
  • Contractor remittances.
  • Landlord debtors & Creditors.
  • Bank details.
  • Landlords by tax status & full NRL reporting.
  • Tax retention.
  • Insurance premiums.
  • Occupied property logs.
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