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Sales and Lettings Software

Sales and Lettings Software

Our sales and lettings software – Qube Sales, Lettings and Management (formerly Aspasia) – is a cloud based database system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. With more than 3,500 users at agents of all scopes and sizes, we have experience and a proven track record as a market leader in the field.

Qube Sales, Lettings and Management manages the sales and letting process life cycle, right through from marketing the property to deal closure. This means that, as well as having all of the functionality to control these processes, it has the ability to produce comprehensive reports providing highly valuable intelligence that inform your future business strategy. These reports provide information on wide and ranging aspects of your approach, from how you market properties and performance against KPIs to property management and accounting.

"We realised that this was the software that was going to deliver all of the various different elements we needed to be able to bespoke our system for our clients."
- Dave Hunt,
Business Development, ARPM
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Benefits and features include:

Cloud-based software

Qube Sales, Lettings and Management is completely cloud based – we were ahead of the trend in 2001 when we sought to develop our software in this way. It therefore offers a single database for use across all disciplines (sales, lettings and management). Because of this, it can be used anytime, anywhere. Qube Sales, Lettings and Management can also be accessed across a range of devices (i.e. PC, laptop, tablet and mobile).

In-depth marketing capability

Qube Sales, Lettings and Management's powerful marketing capabilities enable users to communicate seamlessly with applicants in a range of ways. For example, it incorporates SMS Text Messaging, portal uploads, social media links and Google maps functionality, along with third-party integration with Brief Your Market and Docusign. It also incorporates customer logins for vendors, landlords and applicants.

Flexible applicant categorisation

Applicants can be categorised as prospective buyers and/or tenants (should they be looking for a permanent and/or rental property) and they will receive marketing information based on how they are set up on the system. They can also be ‘shared’ across offices/locations as required and assigned to multiple negotiators across your sites. Relevant match results can then be emailed as soon as they become available, mailed or stored for bulk emailing at a suitable later time.

Faster data entry

Qube Sales, Lettings and Management comes with in-built postcode validation software, which speeds up the process of entering individual properties. Google maps is also fully integrated, enabling buyers and renters to view the specific locations highlighted by their searches on a map within your website.

Diarise appointments quickly and efficiently

A diary component controls most of the functionality of the system, easily allowing you to arrange either single or multiple viewings. Individual users can be given access to the diaries of other users, the whole office or the whole company.

Qube Sales, Lettings and Management brochure
Qube Sales, Lettings and Management brochure
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