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Rural estates software solutions that maximise your financial returns

Rural estates software solutions that maximise your financial returns

As a manager of rural estates, your main challenge is to run and maintain your portfolio as effectively as possible to in turn ensure it generates maximum financial returns. To enable you to do this, you need to ensure your overall land and property usage is efficient and your income and costs are accurately and effectively controlled.

Rural estate managers who fail to do this do not maximise return on their investment.

Our rural property investment software, used to manage a number of well-known rural buildings, provides all the process support you need to effectively manage your portfolio and offers the necessary business intelligence insight to drive performance improvements.

Extensive and comprehensive rural estate management functionality

Our landed investment software incorporates a range of functionality, including:

  • Lease management and administration
  • Licence/wayleaves management
  • Land parcel management and restructuring
  • Rent and service charge accounting
  • Income forecasting
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Portfolio restructuring
  • Purchase ordering
  • General ledger and cash management
  • Alerts and reminders of key dates
  • Project management
  • Task and workflow management
  • Document management
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Planned and preventative maintenance
  • Web services for data exchange and integration
  • Seamless integration into all ERP and financial solutions
  • Seamless integration with spatial GIS database
  • Energy management

Benefits of our rural estate software

Optimise performance

Strategic decision making and effective management of a rural estate depends on having the right information in the right place at the right time. Our dedicated software provides you with the business intelligence to optimise performance whenever and wherever you need it.

Flexible to rural lease requirements

Our rural estate solutions are flexible enough to handle the highly specific lease requirements typically associated with managing rural estates. For example, they recognise that many agricultural leases will coincide with seasons whereas residential leases might be monthly.

Specialised for landed estates

As well as managing wayleaves/licences, where land or buildings may be let for different purposes (e.g. grazing rights, fishing rights, easements for power supply companies and even filming and gliding licences), our software can also track any grants or government payments (such as one-off charges or ELS or HLS agreements) over time and link them to your sales ledger.

Access anytime, anywhere

With your staff likely to be based in a variety of different locations, our software enables them to easily access up-to-date information about the physical property, leases, tenants, accounting data and spatial GIS data (maps) at any time from any location with web access.

Ensure consistency

Our software ensures all your business units adopt identical business processes, no matter where they are based.

Supports your entire business

Our software supports all your staff involved in managing your estate, from the rural surveyors with overall management responsibility to the teams who support them in a variety of different functions – and anyone else who needs access to all information on your portfolio at the touch of a button.

Easily accommodate boundary changes

With rural estates often being very expansive portfolios incorporating large acreages, our software can easily manage the redefining of ‘blocks’ of land and boundaries being moved or merged to form new land parcels as you require.

Effectively maintain your buildings

With larger estates usually containing a number of buildings, our software supports your facilities and maintenance requirements – whether it is planned or reactive – by tracking all associated tasks and the related accountancy, supplier management and ordering functionality.

Why Qube Global Software?

Users of our software include a number of significant property organisations with land-based estate portfolios, ranging from national organisations with public interests through to historic family estates. Our customer list includes the Crown Estate, the National Trust, the Ministry of Defence, the Duchy of Cornwall and the Duchy of Lancaster. By their very nature, these portfolios are mixed, varied and expansive but our considerable experience in the sector means we have the expertise to provide a solution that meets the substantial scope of requirements to manage them effectively.

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Rural estate management paper
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