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Retail investment management software that maximises your revenue

Retail investment management software that maximises your revenue

As a retail-focused real estate investor, your key challenge is to generate maximum returns from the malls and high street retail space you operate. To do this, you need to:

  • Think like a marketer, property manager, technical manager and business expert all at the same time
  • Maximise the flow of traffic through the shopping locations you manage
  • Ensure the correct tenant mix to attract customers and appeal to the local demographic
  • Accurately calculate rental and service charges due and then collect these in a timely manner
  • Accurately forecast future income generated by each of your locations.

Retail investors without the tools to determine this type of business-defining performance-focused information miss out on revenue.

With business intelligence functionality that focuses on providing the exact data you need when you need, our global retail investment management software allows you to overcome these key challenges.

Benefits of our global mall management software

Increased efficiency

Use our software’s automated processes to capture turnover and invoice your tenants – even allowing for complex sales turnover based leases.

Better manage relationships

Need those audited turnover certificates on time all the time? Use our reminder and escalation capabilities to ensure that tenants inform you accurately of their turnover.

Access accurate sales data

Have access to EPOS data? Automatically feed in this information to have instant access to sales turnover.

Know your customer

Capture footfall information and use this to gain key insights into your customers’ retail habits by benchmarking visitor access against spending. Then use this data to drive footfall to the less busy parts of your operations.

Ensure correct tenant mix

Your mall is a brand and needs the correct tenant mix; our state of the art business intelligence reporting solution allows you to analyse your property information by current and target tenant mix, tenant category, product category, area category and sales trends for any period historically and predictively.

Easy-to-understand highly insightful analysis

CAD plans provide an easy-to-understand overview of all of your retail and property information to enable you to determine exactly where your tenant mix is incorrect, sales turnover is below average, vacancies exist and much more, whether currently, historically and predictively over any period you define.

Why Qube Global Software?

Our retail solutions have been developed through working with our broad range of retail investor customers, so they are second-to-none in terms of functional depth and capability and are completely focused on helping you to solve your specific retail investor needs.

Our retail management software solutions are delivered to suit your IT and business environment. We offer the accustomed ‘on premise’ model, as well as a SaaS (Software as a Service) option delivered from our own private cloud.

Discuss your retail investment challenges with our team