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Tailored CAFM Solutions for the Education Sector

Tailored CAFM Solutions for the Education Sector

Qube Global Software’s industry leading CAFM solution – Planet FM Enterprise – is used extensively across the education sector. We are proud to include some of the UK’s leading schools, academies, colleges and universities as customers, ranging from Sherborne School, Girls’ Day School Trust, the Thomas Deacon Academy and Farnborough College of Technology to Cambridge University and Royal Holloway University.

Why Planet?

Planet acts as the central repository for all your estates information, providing a single resource for recording and tracking all work history, costs and documents against properties and assets. It then draws on this information to create detailed reports to show you how effectively you are deploying the resources available to you, identifying improvement areas in the process. To save time and create greater efficiencies, staff can be given access to a tenant portal where they can log calls direct to the system in a simple single manner.

We work with institutions to provide a package tailored to their specific requirements and budget, while our special education discount makes our CAFM solution even more affordable. We also take the stress out of the initial transition – the implementation process is extremely straightforward, while the solution itself is highly intuitive and easy-to-use. Structured and friendly training from our dedicated in-house specialists subsequently address any knowledge gaps that exist quickly.

Comprehensive functionality

While our software is straightforward and simple to use, it features comprehensive functionality across the whole range of FM responsibilities. Whether you are scheduling work to internal staff, contractors or a combination of the two, Planet helps you to manage it efficiently and analyse their performance. Our advanced business intelligence suite clearly detects trends and demonstrates where you can make cost savings within your organisation.

Labour intensive administrative tasks can be automated, saving you time and enabling your facilities team to focus on more important deliverables. Planet is also available on mobile devices through our smart phone app, ensuring that work orders can be managed and completed easily on-the-go, without any re-keying of information.

Key benefits of our CAFM software for educational institutions

Easy to implement

Our CAFM solution has been designed to ensure it can be implemented simply and quickly. It’s also very easy to use and highly intuitive but our in-house training team can help fill any knowledge gaps.

Improved maintenance management

Create and manage a detailed planned maintenance schedule to reduce costly breakdowns, while running an effective help desk to deal with reactive jobs efficiently as and when they occur. When tasks are complete, measure performance against SLAs.

A single central repository

Cut out the paper trail and store all your estates information, maintenance history, financial expenditure (past, present and planned), health and safety instructions and more within a single, easily-searchable resource.

Contractor management

Manage all your service providers and contractors from a single location. Arrange for automatic alerts to be sent when work is due and arrange access to the web portal so your suppliers can document progress on each job. Then use Planet’s reporting functionality to analyse their performance.

Staff buy-in

The web portal functionality makes logging calls to the solution easy for your staff.

Proving value

Reports produced through Planet clearly detect trends, and can be used to outline the money and time you have saved the business. Data can then be presented in our state-of-the-art graphical dashboard displays.

Ensuring health and safety compliance

Automatically attach essential safety instructions to jobs (including risk assessments, asbestos warnings etc). Planet’s health and safety functionality means you never have to worry about anyone being sent to a job without all relevant safety information.

Stores management

Planet helps you to keep track of materials, ranging from spare parts for maintenance to office stationery supplies. This ensures minimal delays when repairing or replacing equipment by ensuring that all required items are always readily available.

Room booking

Planet brings improved organisation to your meeting room, halls and outdoor event booking processes making them simple and straightforward.

"Greater transparency and consistency of data"
- Chris Hinton,
IT Manager, University of Cambridge
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Delivering solutions for Facilities Managers

Qube Global Software’s facilities management software solution provides a detailed, end-to-end view of the facilities management processes in real time and the flexibility to adapt to organizational or operational changes of the future.

Qube Global Software’s solutions come delivered to suit your IT and business environment from client server delivery through to fully web developed applications. Furthermore, a range of industry standard technologies are used to ensure you can seamlessly link to complimentary systems.

We provide solutions that enable organisations and individuals make more from their involvement in property, but above all, we are passionate about delivering facilities management software that works like you do.

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