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Facilities management software that lowers your cost of occupation

Facilities management software that lowers your cost of occupation

Our software helps facilities managers and FM service providers achieve the following key objectives:

  • Extend and maximise the life cycle of their assets
  • Maintain a high level of customer service
  • Ensure appropriate safety standards
  • Operate an effective helpdesk and reactive maintenance strategy
  • Run an effective preventative maintenance schedule
  • Ensure staff/engineers work as efficiently as possible

So whether you’re a facilities manager responsible for a range of in-house services across single or multiple buildings or an FM service provider seeking to provide a high-level service to a wide range of clients, our software can help you reach your business objectives.

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Facilities management challenges

Many organisations waste significant resources by operating inefficient facilities management processes that result in equipment breaking down far more frequently than it should do, engineers being deployed inefficiently and assets not lasting as they long as should.

Our facilities management software allows you to overcome these challenges and many more by enabling you to effectively manage the full spectrum of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ services. We provide solutions that incorporate all the functionality you need, while providing a single converged view of all your facilities information.

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Comprehensive and far-reaching FM functionality

Our CAFM software’s extensive functionality incorporates:

  • Asset management
  • Help desk
  • Planned maintenance
  • Financial management
  • Stock control
  • Service provider
  • Client management
  • Risk and condition survey tools
  • Project management
  • Room booking
  • Catering
  • Space usage
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Energy management

As you would expect from modern facilities management software, much of this functionality is supported on multi-platform mobile devices to support your mobile workforce. Our mobile app ensures your staff are deployed as efficiently as possible, while providing them with all the instructions they need and allowing them to record job progress on the go.

All our FM software is underpinned by the latest business intelligence reporting tools, which scrutinise your data to enable you to make knowledge-based strategic decisions to improve cost effectiveness and efficiencies across your operations.

Our workflow functionality is at the very heart of our software and provides you with the ability to control and alter your business processes to fit your own specific requirements.

Delivering facilities management software how you want it

You may want to purchase and maintain your CAFM solution in-house. Alternatively, you may prefer our increasingly popular “Software as a Service” model, where we host the solution for you in our private cloud and provide access via a web browser. This option reduces your own IT involvement and major up-front capital costs.

Benefits of our CAFM software

All facilities information in one place

Our facility management software brings together all asset information, maintenance history, financial expenditure (past, present and planned), health and safety instructions, and other documents into a single resource location. Avoid multiple data locations and paper filing systems.

Manage locations and assets

Optimise space and manage asset life cycles effectively. Incorporate your CAD drawings into your analysis, produce ‘net internal area’ statistics and quickly establish purchase, depreciation and replacement values via a comprehensive asset register.

Improve communication with your client base

Our web portal provides internal and external clients (companies or individuals) to log issues and track to resolution, see when maintenance is due, book meeting rooms and more.

Build partnerships with your service suppliers and clients

Automatically inform your suppliers when work is due, provide them with access to the web portal to allow them to document when work is completed, track progress and inform you when work is overdue. Provide your clients with real information on your work progress, regular report updates and full visibility of asset history.

Reduce your maintenance costs

Track reactive maintenance frequency and cost to help you make informed business decisions about your planned maintenance and asset replacement schedules.

Minimise business interruption

Minimise the risk of breakdowns and improve service across your business by introducing planned maintenance, while tracking the timely responsiveness of your engineers and suppliers.

Increase workforce productivity

Intelligent scheduling tools and our app allow you to make the most of your staff pool: reduce travelling time, report against typical resolution times and avoid rekeying of maintenance actions and timings.

Ensure health and safety compliance

Require your staff and contractors are to acknowledge and/or respond to relevant safety instructions and/or risk assessments before they start each job.

Business intelligence

Take advantage of our ground-breaking executive graphical dashboard displays or, if required, create your own bespoke dashboards to fit your own individual needs. These ensure you clearly illustrate the importance of key issues and trends affecting performance across your business and drive informed strategic decision making.

Automate regular time-consuming tasks

Our software has been carefully designed to create intelligent workflows that ensure specific tasks are carried out automatically to save you time. For example, use this functionality to print and email reports, generate planned work orders (and then inform relevant employees and suppliers as appropriate), update your clients on work status and also allow work orders to be completed via their mobile or the web portal.

Ensure consistent business processes

Due to our workflow tool being embedded throughout our software, you can automate a range of labour intensive tasks and processes. Along with various other benefits that result from this, you can ensure that work and SLAs are assigned according to a range of rules (such as location and issue).

Operate alongside existing systems

A range of industry standard technologies are used to ensure you can seamlessly link to complementary systems (e.g. finance).

Why Qube Global Software?

With more than 250 organisations using a facilities management solution from Qube Global Software, we pride ourselves on offering software to meet all your CAFM system needs regardless of your unique requirements. It is for this reason and many others that we are trusted by the industry worldwide.

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"Greater transparency and consistency of data"
- Chris Hinton,
IT Manager, University of Cambridge
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