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Lease management software that maximises your efficiencies

Lease management software that maximises your efficiencies

When it comes to lease management, your main challenge is to keep your costs as low as possible and optimise your space utilisation across your real estate operations.

Ineffective lease management leads to lost revenue.

Our lease management software provides you with the data-driven information needed to make optimal use of the property you occupy – be this through space optimisation or identifying and driving potential cost efficiencies.

Key functionality and benefits

Gain full financial control

Ensure complete financial control by gaining a comprehensive insight into all cost-driven information, from rent and service charge payments/receivables to landlord reconciliation, cost recovery and financial reporting.

One place for all your lease data

Our lease management software solution provides you with a single easily-searchable resource for all your lease information and documentation.

Improve performance with reporting insights

Use our lease management software’s extensive reporting capabilities to identify where you can improve your business performance and drive further efficiencies: determine where and how you can make better use of your space, make savings on your lease agreements and much more.

Streamline and simplify your lease payable obligations

Manage all lease payable activity through our dedicated software, including options, clauses and key dates. Use this data to create comprehensive dashboard reports on outgoings across your portfolio, which can drive your strategic decisions regarding future performance.

Comprehensive lease receivable management

Manage all lease receivable responsibilities, including sub-leases, tenant billing, shared costs, financial management and sales.

Integrate with existing systems

While we offer a highly effective financial solution, we understand the systems you currently use may be embedded in your existing working practices. Our lease management software can therefore be integrated with standard accounting and ERP systems, along with other third-party solutions (e.g. BMS).

Effective document management

Our software offers full document management capability, incorporating version control and both ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ functionality. This ensures you’re able to fully track any updates or amendments thereby offering you improved transparency – which will ultimately enable you to strengthen relationships with service providers, clients and stakeholders across your business internally.

Handle complex lease agreements

Our lease management software has been implemented across a wide range of territories. It is therefore completely equipped to work within the various legal structures you will operate - such as joint ownership, other complex landlord/tenant relationships and international lease types.

Handle varied lease types

Our experience gained from a varied customer base means our solutions come with the flexibility required to manage all your lease types, incorporating specialist functionality for retail, industrial, commercial and land.

Comply with legislative requirements

Our close working relationships with relevant trade and regulatory bodies mean you can be sure our software complies with necessary data management and auditing rules.

Delivering lease management software how you want


Our Software as a Service deployment option is hosted in our private cloud and allows you access to our software from wherever you are in the world. This method offers a wide range of additional benefits, including us taking responsibility for all hardware support, software maintenance, system performance, security, back-ups and disaster recovery processes.


You may already have the infrastructure in place. It can be hosted either on your premises or elsewhere.

Why Qube Global Software?

Our lease management solutions are trusted by the industry. With more than 300 occupier users in total, our customer base incorporates a full range of organisations in terms of size, sector and portfolio composition. Because of the experience we have gained as a result, you can be sure we have a solution that fits with your requirements – whether you’re a global multi-national enterprise or manage a single operational site.
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