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Corporate Real Estate Technology trusted by the Industry

Corporate Real Estate Technology trusted by the Industry

With more than 300 occupiers worldwide currently using our corporate real estate technology (including many of the leading names in UK industry and commerce), it’s clear that the industry trusts our software and expertise to:

  • Drive down costs
  • Generate revenue
  • Avoid overpayments
  • Create efficiency

One of the main reasons for our success is the breadth of the real estate software solutions we offer. By their very nature, specific real estate assets vary from customer to customer - for example, these could be a single corporate campus, a global office structure, a complex range of differing retail locations or even a series of manufacturing and distribution centres.

Our real estate technology fully supports this variety, with customers ranging from single user systems to global multisite solutions with thousands of users. Irrespective of these differences, all our customers gain the same common benefits – improved business intelligence about the property they occupy that drives better decisions and improved efficiencies.

Our real estate software solutions include property and lease management systems through to transaction, facility, space and financial management applications. These groupings of functionality can be deployed in whatever way you require, perhaps as a simple property information system or combined together to create an all-encompassing workplace management system.

In addition to in-house teams a number of global service providers are also users of our solutions managing the property occupation of many of the world’s leading brands.

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Benefits of our corporate real estate technology

Drive down costs

Drive down occupancy costs by having visibility of how your real estate assets are used, which business unit or individual uses what space and how this usage could be improved.

Fully understand your leases

Ensure that you know the position on every lease and know exactly when to act. See what is happening right across the portfolio you occupy down to local level so you can understand your strategic position.

Avoid overpayments

Don’t pay what you don’t have to on rent and service charge payable by ensuring that the costs allocated to you are correct and within the terms of an agreement.

Process transparency

Ensure audit compliance and prove that your business is efficient. Set up best practice through workflows and increase visibility and action by synchronising with email systems.

Effective recharging

Easily recharge internal departments a proportion of the overall rent based on space or workstations used.

Create efficiency

Ensure that your teams are optimally structured against their transactional workload, ensure the correct approval processes exists, that escalations are managed and that you have management visibility of all your transactions.

Manage suppliers effectively

Ensure your suppliers perform according to contractual obligations, share information and partner with those that add value to your business.

Generate revenue

Ensure that any sublets you have are as profitable as they can be by accurately managing the receivable lease contracts and associated receipts with integrated accounting functionality.

Increase intelligence

Utilising our integrated dashboard reporting tools and in-depth reporting capabilities, gain the vision to see past day-to-day management issues and create long term goals that can be monitored and benchmarked.


Ensure processes that cross organisational boundaries are as efficient as those that remain within a specific country or territory. Use our portal solutions to allow partners, tenants and suppliers to easily access data, make payments, raise queries and show which tasks have been completed – thereby creating a universal set of property data across all stakeholders.

Reduce downtime

Optimise your usage of assets so that they are worked to their maximum without compromising downtime thereby improving internal customer service levels.

Cross-border portfolio management

Our real estate technology solutions support property occupancy of a wide variety of global businesses. These customers can manage specific regional/national requirements, such as indexes, income, cost codes, interest rates, and banking. This – combined with multi-language and multi-currency functionality – enables these organisations to operate a single cross border system.

Effective facilities management

Manage helpdesk operations effectively and ensure that internal teams or contractors are operating efficiently using a system that is integrated with property and financial data.

Make the most of the space you occupy

Use stacking plans and visualisation tools to see whether you are using your space efficiently and identify where improvements can be made.

Stay on top of compliance

Choose a supplier that knows the market and legislative requirements. We work closely with trade bodies and scope for upcoming compliance issues such as FASB / IASB lease accounting rules. Please review our partners, memberships and accreditations.

Occupier challenges: software and technology use in the real estate sector
Occupier challenges: software and technology use in the real estate sector
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Delivering real estate software solutions to occupiers

Our corporate real estate software solutions are delivered to suit your business environment - from client server delivery through to second generation web user interface. We offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) option delivered from our specialised data centres that can provide you with a reduced total solution cost and an improved service option compared to traditional deployment methods. Alternatively, you can use your own third-party hosting arrangements.

Our real estate technology solutions are designed to be open and communicative so that data can be exchanged with complementary software systems that exist both within and outside of the organisation - for example, by exchanging financial data with corporate ERP solutions or third-party accounting software solutions.

Worker of the future and the evolving use of technology within the property industry
Worker of the future and the evolving use of technology within the property industry
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