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Instructions For Accessing The Planet Suggestion Site

The Planet Suggestion site is available to supported Qube clients using the Planet software. It can be used to make suggestions on the Planet product also giving you the opportunity to add comments and vote on other people’s suggestions. Qube will use this site to communicate updates on these suggestions.

The number of votes allocated to your organisation is limited, and we need to be able to identify the most popular suggestions, so please use your votes wisely for the suggestions that are of most importance to you. When an idea is closed your votes will be returned to you for re-use.

Suggestions will be reviewed regularly so do check back for progress updates and other comments on your suggestions. You can update your preferences to receive email updates on comments and status changes if you prefer.

Suggestions ‘under review’ will be taken on board for consideration in future designs of the relevant Planet area of functionality. The most popular suggestions are not guaranteed to be developed as we will always need to ensure that a development suggestion is technically feasible, of use to our client and market base and a fit within the design of the system. Where a suggestion is simply not feasible or contrary to Qube’s development plans the suggestion will be ‘declined’.

We continuously look to improve the Planet system so we may take on board some of these development suggestions for the current version of the product, where they can be developed and released in line with our development plan and resources. Until ‘planned’ and updated as such, following inclusion in our development plan, we cannot say whether or when a suggestion will be developed.

Please do not use this forum to report bugs; these should be reported to our Help Desk in the normal way. If you would like to see a more immediate change to the Planet software or have a requirement for specific work, please discuss this with your account manager rather than posting your suggestion on this site.

Remember that this site has been created to provide a visible platform to allow users to make suggestions and comment on others. Comments that add no value, are inappropriate or derogatory will be removed. Any user that continues to use the site inappropriately will be blocked from the site.

The Planet Forum Administrator

Login Instructions

1. Navigate to the Planet Client Login Area
a. Select the Client Login tab along the horizontal menu tabs
b. Select the Planet section
c. Click on the Planet Client Area, this will open a new window for the Suggestions site.

2. Enter your email address and password
a. Check the email address that has been registered for your site. Remember that this could be your email address, a colleague’s email address or a group email address.
b. Remember that you can email if you have not logged on before and need to register with us to use the site.

3. Add suggestions to the site
a. Add a comment by simply typing your suggestion. Please think carefully before entering the details to ensure that the suggestion is as clear to other people. When describing your idea (see below) it would help to also describe the business process behind the suggestion.
b. Whilst typing your suggestion the system will be checked for similar suggestions and comments that may be relative. You can stop typing your suggestion and simply comment on an existing suggestion where duplicates or similar suggestions are found.
c. Once you have added your suggestion you can add a Category and describe your idea if you want to.
d. Finally you can give your suggestion 1, 2 or 3 votes.

4. Add comments to existing suggestions
a. Add a comment to an existing idea by scrolling through the site or searching for ideas that are Hot Ideas, Top, New, Accepted or Closed. You can also search using the Category drop down list, or by limiting to ‘My Ideas’ only.
b.Once you have found a suggestion to comment on either select and highlight the suggestion title or the Comments count underneath.
c. Post your comment or flag other user comments as inappropriate if you feel this is necessary.

5) Vote for suggestions
a. Once you have found a suggestion that you are interested in you can vote for the suggestion. Simply select the Vote button and give it 1, 2 or 3 votes. You can change the number of votes you give something at any time, by selecting the Vote button and amending the value as required.
b. Votes are limited so make sure that you vote wisely; you can see how many votes you have left when you log in so you can keep track of the votes remaining.
c. If a suggestion is closed or rejected the votes return to your allowance so they can be reused.

6) Keep track of suggestions and comments
a. Once you have made a suggestion or added a comment you can stay up to date with it by altering your settings.
b. Select the option to:
i. Receive live status changes and admin responses
ii. Receive comment updates
c. This allows you to remain up to date when users add comments, or the status changes to show the suggestion as under review, planned, closed etc.