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Qube PM for Service Charges in Social Housing

Qube PM for Service Charges in Social Housing

Your choice - Service charge ledger fully integrated to your housing system or fully featured property and facilities management solution

Deployed as either a service charge ledger solution linked to your existing housing management system, or a comprehensive and standalone property management and accounting system - Qube PM is the most widely used and trusted solution for leasehold management in the UK and Ireland.

With approaching 500 customers, including some of the biggest names in leasehold, no one comes close in terms of customer and user numbers. Qube PM is proven to save time and money – so you see a return on your investment fast. Unlike other systems it also has the flexibility to truly manage every property use – residential, commercial and mixed. For these reasons and many more, the majority of our new customers come to us on recommendation

A small selection of features and benefits of Qube PM for service charge management:

  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets or systems not designed for service charge management.
  • Better budgeting – a vast range of functionality to allow for better budget management
  • Handle variable unit apportionment percentages with ease
  • Support compliance with RICS and ARMA including RICS service charge code April 2011
  • A variety of financial and property reporting options – fully customised outputs, BVA reporting, reconciliation reports, P&L, balance sheet, trial balance and so on…
  • Easily handles mixed use – for example Qube PM calculates and clears down irreclaimable VAT associated with non-commercial units
  • Simple data structure and allows for hierarchical properties e.g. estate service charges separate from building service charges
  • Detailed functionality for handling balancing charges and residual costs (tenant caps and void units)
  • A variety of options for handling accruals and prepayments
  • Integration with Property and FM data / processes enabling one system for all leasehold management

Qube PM property management software – Trusted by some of the leading names in the social housing sector for service charges.

See more on the entire range of service charge functionality by downloading the overview document.