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Qube Space – intuitive web-based office space management software

Qube Space – intuitive web-based office space management software

Qube Space is a unique space management software solution that saves time and ensures you optimise the workspace available to you.

Its move management capabilities make staff and asset moves - caused either by churn, relocations or any other reason - much simpler, easier and more straightforward.

Qube Space provides a managed environment for CAD information and is simple to configure to both databases and third-party systems.

Provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, the product is:

  • Intuitive
  • Feature rich
  • Competitively priced

Module functions include

  • People and asset tracking and viewing
  • Moves and space change management
  • Allocations and recharging
  • Occupancy and strategic planning
  • Resource bookings
  • CAD scenario planning publishing and drawing
  • Drawing management and version control
  • Engineering drawing archives

Key benefits of Qube Space

  • Works with commonly used IT and CAD environments, standard web-based technologies and SQL databases
  • It’s a modular system, which means it is scalable and flexible to your specific needs
  • It’s designed to work in conjunction with other systems for your convenience
  • Easily extract key information such as floor layouts, space utilisation, desk occupancy, IT asset locations etc
  • Make real time moves, adds and changes as required

Most importantly, Qube Space gives you the insights you need to quickly answer critical questions to the way your business operates. For example, swiftly discover:

  • What is the percentage of occupancy by location?
  • How many desks are available within a department?
  • What is the growth in IT related space?

Make better decisions when allocating or managing space

Holding an accurate view of space utilisation is crucial to any business. Whether downsizing, upsizing, or relocating, achieving optimal use of space will lead to significant operational cost savings. Enabling greater flexibility in the workspace through hot desking can also lower costs.

Moves, additions and changes are simple to plan due to Qube Space’s drag and drop functionality, while automation makes the process simpler, controllable and transparent for users and movers.

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