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How to choose the right solution for your business

How to choose the right solution for your business

Qube Sales Lettings and Management (or Qube SLM for short) – formerly known as Aspasia - is an advanced cloud-based software solution available to both residential sales agents and lettings agents for handling every aspect of their businesses. It is 100 per cent secure and uses live data so you can be sure all information viewed through the system is completely up-to-date. Qube SLM is designed to cut costs, boost profits and provide greater management control.

The investment in new technology is a major business decision, complicated by the extensive range of products serving the estate agency market. Here, we aim to provide you with the necessary assistance to allow you to make the right choice for you

What is the size of your business?

The size of your business will have a notable bearing on which system is best for you. For example, smaller companies (typically single offices) have the greatest choice as the smaller windows based applications may be adequate for their needs – although, should you opt to go down this route, you will require a higher level of support than cloud-based products and consider the impact of the inevitable upgrades and data back-ups.

By contrast, choice for larger organisations is more limited if they want an effective solution. As soon as you start to have multiple sites, you need to think about how you can effectively manage and collate data across your organisation – cloud-based products, such as Qube SLM, typically provide a much better option.

You will also need to think about scalability issues: a system that can support changes in your business over time is key. Generally, cloud-based products are more flexible in this way.

Integrate with your website

Your website is a critical communication tool so you will need a software solution that can integrate with it. For example, tenants, buyers, vendors and landlords will need to be able to register their personal details and requirements via your website.

Again the suppliers of cloud-based software are able to offer a superior solution to support this functionality. Some software, such as Qube SLM for example, also enables access for vendors and landlords to – for example – query live data online such as viewing landlord statements and vendors seeing what marketing activity has been undertaken on their property. This dramatically reduces the demands placed on negotiators to handle such enquiries.

Do you need a product that covers sales, lettings and property management?

Historically there were few solutions that covered both disciplines, largely due to the complexity of the client accounting required in the lettings business. But times change and there are now products available that can support sales, lettings and also other business areas such as property management and financial services. Qube SLM – for example – is more than capable of fulfilling all requirements across each of these areas.

The benefits of having one system across your organisation include:

  • Greater cross selling/upselling opportunities
  • Ability to generate new revenue streams
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reduced level of IT support required (as you are only maintaining one system)
  • Greater staff familiarity with the system makes your organisation more flexible organisation.

I am only looking for a solution for sales/lettings. Should I consider looking at applications that do both?

If you already have a system and are thinking of changing it for another you will need to consider whether you want to “start again” or if you want to export the data into the new system.

When making this decision, we’d recommend you consider:

  • The quality of data and desire to migrate it
  • Whether you’re a multi-site organisation with data in each office and therefore the potential for duplicated data (which will need addressing in your new system)
  • In-house resources you can dedicate to project managing the transition

How can technology improve my business?

Each system is different but there are certain features that the solution you choose should include. Firstly, it should be able to cut costs by:

  • Centralise certain functionalities with a reflected reduction or reallocation in head count.
  • Provide vendors, applicants, landlords and tenants access to information which reduces the time staff spend on answering often trivial questions.
  • Automatically create ads for online property platforms

Secondly, you can provide 24/7 accessibility to your business to:

  • Increase the level of transparency of service (e.g. clients can see exactly what you are doing to market their property)
  • Improve communications 
  • Provide management reports that support better business decision making

And – last but not least – your software provider should always be investing in new and exciting development to enhance your overall user experience.

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