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Qube Horizon Property and Asset Management Software

Qube Horizon Property and Asset Management Software

Horizon is a property, asset, facility and financial management platform that delivers in-depth views of the performance of major global portfolios through the use of cutting-edge technologies. The platform, aimed at larger investors, corporate real estate departments and managing agents of corporate property has a customer list containing many globally recognised brands and leading property names including Tesco, Redevco, HSBC, LaSalle Investment Management and National Trust.

For decades, customers across all industries - from retail management to rural estates - have been using Horizon to make informed decisions on management, investment and disposal of assets and to manage the total cost of occupancy of the entire property lifecycle.

“The implementation of Horizon Real Estate solutions helped us to improve financial management of our let property, provide a better service to our tenants, improve management information and make our property related processes more efficient.”
The National Trust

Platform benefits include:

Visualise your KPIs

Reporting systems can use oversimplified metrics which reduce the flexibility of how you can view your data. Our fully integrated dashboard reporting tool can use any attributes of your portfolio to view current performance, while you can take advantage of Horizon’s data warehouse to pick out historical trends over a period of your choosing (i.e. a prior day, week, month or year etc.) and make future projections.

Flexible data and reporting structure

Horizon’s reporting functionality allows you to interrogate data concerning your portfolio’s performance exactly the way you want. This ensures it provides you with highly customised business intelligence structured in the way want in a layout you understand.

Manage your cross border portfolio on one system

Locally manage indexes, income and cost codes, interest rates, banks, customers and suppliers locally in each region or country without affecting overall configuration, while generating localised tenant-facing documents and reports. Use this in conjunction with multi-language, multi-currency and tax indexation functionality to have a truly cross border system.

Seamless Integration

Use standard Microsoft integration tools to communicate between our solution and your other corporate databases. Remove data duplication with a single version of the truth across your entire business.

Streamlined business processes

Analyse and manage business processes using task management functionality and identify bottlenecks in your organisation to improve productivity.

Access from anywhere in the world

The Horizon platform can be accessed remotely via the web. This, along with full compatibility with mobile and tablet devices, allows you to access all features from anywhere in the world at anytime.

Never miss a date

Ensure that no property, lease or project date is missed with automatic email alerts, which provide you with the necessary tools to exercise your rights within your contracts to reduce costs.

Horizon technology demonstration

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Horizon technology demonstration
"From a service perspective, Qube Global are very responsive and understand the needs of our business"
- Ben Cooney,
"The Horizon product doesn't constrain the business.. it gives us what we need.. it delivers everything that we want"
- Chris Hodgkinson,
Head of Property Operations, Columbia Threadneedle Investments
"A system that is very adaptable for all the sorts of various transactions that we have to do "
- David Spratt,
Senior Business Analyst, The Crown Estate
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Property investment and CRE management software

Horizon is a fully web-developed platform and delivered on industry standard technology and databases which will meet all corporate IT requirements. The flexibility of Horizon and the technologies used allows seamless integration with other complementary applications within your organisation. For this reason, Horizon delivers Integrated Workplace Management Solutions and for over 10 years banks and other large institutions have been using the combination of real estate and facilities management functionality for all their workplace management needs.

The platform can be used by outsourced agents of corporate real estate departments and traditional agents of investors and will bring visibility of the portfolio to all partners and stakeholders. Horizon allows you to manage your property and facilities in one complete system.

Business processes supported:

  • Business intelligence and reporting dashboards
  • Income forecasting
  • Facility and asset management
  • Retail management
  • Full lease management and administration
  • Rent and service charge accounting
  • Purchase to pay 
  • General ledger and cash management
  • Alerts and reminders of key dates and events
  • Task and workflow management
  • Document management
  • Web services for data exchange and integration
  • Seamless integration with ERP, GIS, Building Management Systems and other third-party solutions


Delivering solutions for Property Managers

Horizon can be supplied to your business in a number of ways, ensuring that the platform is accessible in a way that suits your business needs.


Horizon SaaS allows you to use the platform wherever you are in the world through an internet browser. It also incorporates a number of cost and convenience benefits, including less up-front costs and us – rather than you – being responsible for services such as hardware support, software maintenance, system performance, security, back-ups and disaster recovery processes.


Seen as the traditional way to implement software, you own the system and can either host it at your own premises or externally.

Business intelligence that significantly enhances your decision-making capabilities
Business intelligence that significantly enhances your decision-making capabilities
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