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Alastair Clunas

Operations Director
Alastair Clunas
About Alastair Clunas

Alastair Clunas has been working at Qube Global Software since 2002, to maximise the benefits our customers receive through both software and services.

As the Operations Director for the property management solution, he is currently responsible for Professional Services.  This encompasses the delivery of a range of training and consultancy services, both online and on site;  application and technical support to all organisations who are users of the property management software;  and the provision of appropriate documentation delivered via a variety of mediums to assist and encourage best use of the software.  Alastair not only draws on his considerable experience with Qube Global Software, but also on his 15 years of experience working in software development, primarily in senior roles across a multitude of business sectors.

As well as looking for innovation in the delivery of services, Alastair is responsible for the Portal and Applications development team, who strive for innovative ways of interacting with the application from a variety of devices.
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Alastair Clunas

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