A Guide to Surviving the Economic Slowdown through Facilities Management

Facilities Management covers many areas, and most Facilities Managers have a wide range of responsibilities. There are, however, three activities which are central to almost all areas of FM.

The first three sections of this White Paper looks at each of these activities in turn. It suggests ways in which effective and focused action can result in reduced expenditure.

The key FM activities are:

  • Maintenance (Section 2)
  • Help desk operation (Section 3)
  • Procurement (Section 4)

Facilities Managers’ responsibilities

Facilities Managers have a number of areas of responsibility. They are responsible for

  • Property (structures, buildings, rooms)
  • Assets (physical items and equipment)
  • Resources (e.g. energy, water)
  • Services (e.g. catering, cleaning, security)

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