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American Airlines – The use of Horizon property management software

American Airlines – The use of Horizon property management software

For a number of years American Airlines had relied heavily on an internally developed solution to manage their real estate. In the fast paced, competitive airline industry, the only thing that is constant is change. At American Airlines, change had led to new demands being placed on its in-house system. Soon, these demands began to outstrip the functionality provided. This, together with the need to focus its resources on the core business, meant American Airlines was unable to spend the time or resources needed to develop the system in order to meet both the real estate management and the overall business needs.

This was an important project at American Airlines and it was imperative that their needs were understood and documented properly. After consulting with their peers in the industry, as well as their own internal users, a specification of requirements was produced describing their ideal future state and a vision of the new real estate processes they needed to adopt.

Managing $2 billion of annual construction and refurbishment projects takes a huge effort with the development and redevelopment of space within airports. American Airlines discovered that they needed a tool that could help them to manage and control these large volumes of transactions and dollars.

Their key requirements were the removal of manual interventions and the re-keying of data between real estate and other applications such as finance, project accounting and legal. A single point of entry system that would enable complete automation was an essential requirement.

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