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Ian Williams – Qube Planet FM software is used by leading property services company

Ian Williams – Qube Planet FM software is used by leading property services company

Ian Williams is a leading property services company providing both planned and reactive property asset management to local authority, housing association, education, MOD and commercial clients.

During 2006 Ian Williams took the decision to invest in Planet FM Enterprise to enable the adoption of mobile working technology via PDA devices.

Streamlining FM

Via the Planet FM Enterprise helpdesk function, work orders can now be sent directly to operative’s PDAs. Operatives then report back to clients in real time, which enables contractor and client to be completely up to date with the progress of work orders, and in particular completions. Operating to strict KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Ian Williams needed to ensure the KPIs were not only being met, but ideally exceeded.

The company’s move towards automating its property management and maintenance was driven by the opportunity for efficiency improvements in the management of its mobile workforce through embracing new technology.

“We don’t have operatives coming into the office each morning to deal with their paperwork. They can go straight to the first job at 8am and are reporting back constantly. We can get operatives to more jobs per day, which means more completions per day,” stated Rob Lomas, Operations Support Manager at Ian Williams.

On the level of customer service provided to his team by Planet FM personnel, Lomas said, “We’ve had one of Planet’s customer services team seconded to us initially to provide training, but he is also available as and when we need him, providing ongoing support, training and consulting.”

Lomas was also impressed with Planet’s full asset management capability, its ability to interface with clients’ systems and deal with specific requirements of clients and its own systems. “We can add services and programmes into the same system, which enables Ian Williams to offer full asset management.”

The Planet system helps Ian Williams more accurately report on KPIs, essential for maintaining service level agreements.

The handheld technology was implemented initially in London but is now being rolled out to all Ian Williams responsive maintenance teams. “We can get operatives to more jobs per day, which means more completions per day. ” Rob Lomas, IT Operations Support Manager at Ian Williams.

What is Planet?

Facilities management software which has been implemented in over 300 organisations across industry, commerce, NHS and the public sector. We focus on developing IT solutions that deliver real business benefits and provide the information that facilities mangers and FM contractors need to optimize their operations.
If you need to divide your buildings, assets and staff into separate regions or client contracts, Planet simply and efficiently filters your data. Local users work only within the data of their assigned area whilst global users have access to all areas for centralised reporting, help desk functions and state-of-the-art mobile solutions.

Planet will enable you to:

■ Provide a responsive facilities help desk
■ Manage planned and reactive maintenance
■ Keep control of your contractors
■ Optimise your use of space
■ Provide web-based facilities information to customers
■ Ensure a safe working environment
■ Quote and invoice clients
■ Provide your workforce with mobile data tools

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