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Grainger plc – working with Qube Global Software to support the first of their PRS developments

Grainger plc – working with Qube Global Software to support the first of their PRS developments

Grainger plc, founded in 1912, is the UK’s largest listed specialist residential landlord and property management company. Their objective is to continue to be a leader in the residential market and to deliver sustainable long term returns to investors and partners. Grainger owns approximately £2 billion of residential property and manages, on their own behalf and that of investors and partners, around 20,000 properties, worth over £3 billion.

Grainger’s business portfolios are wide-ranging, including development management, fund management, asset and property management and they are residential landlords.

Neil Harker, Senior Business Analyst at Grainger, believes the company’s diverse portfolios and its significant growth are a reflection both of Grainger’s agility and their prudent approach as a business.

Grainger is expanding rapidly into the PRS, with plans to invest over £850m into the sector by 2020, and they recently completed one of the country’s first residential schemes designed and built specifically for long-term renting – Abbeville Apartments in Barking.

Neil explained “Grainger has a very proactive approach and, having investigated the potential, we took the decision to enter the build-to-rent market and develop Abbeville – the first of our build-to-rent sites.”

Grainger has a long-established relationship with Qube Global Software, first using the Qube PM application over 30 years ago. Their system has evolved considerably since then, in line with their business requirements. This latest development has been to integrate new elements of the functionality to handle the ‘sales’ process of finding, processing and installing new tenants into Abbeville.

Neil recalls Grainger’s requirements for the PRS project: “What we needed was the ability to actually track an applicant or prospective tenant coming in and we knew we couldn’t really do that easily, with our current structures. We needed something that ultimately fed into Qube PM – and that was the key bit – the integration. Without integration you are hand-cranking everything. Once you go down the route of manual processes you soon find they are prone to error, take more time and dishearten the staff.” Having investigated the options Grainger chose Qube Global Software’ssolution because they recognised that the functionality and opportunities it offered were very good compared to the wider market offering. In addition, they had an existing relationship with Qube Global Software and were able to build on that established foundation.

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