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Implementation and delivery

Implementation and delivery

From the moment that a company becomes a customer of Qube Global Software, they are provided with unrivalled service. Using our technical resources and intellectual property, we are passionate about developing software that works like you do.

Training and consultancy

Qube Global Software views training as a vital component in achieving optimum success for customer projects and a professional training team to deliver a comprehensive training programme for our customers.

Experience has proved that each customer and each installation is unique and recognising this, the most appropriate schedule of project management, training and consultancy is jointly decided upon. On-site customer visits and dedicated training facilities in the UK provide the best environment for the delivery of training by highly experienced teams, working solely to ensure that customers tap into the full potential of the system.

Training courses are predominantly hands-on, allowing trainees to make informed decisions about how to utilise the system’s extensive functionality and are supported by controlled practical exercises and comprehensive training literature.

We also offer ongoing training to support you as your business evolves and our team of consultants is also on hand to advise on and help manage projects in relation to software usage.

Horizon training

Planet training

Qube PM training

Qube SLM training


Qube Global Software provides all configuration and implementation services for the customer. We employ a team of full time technical and business consultants, working to ensure that our customers are able to fully release the potential that our solutions can generate.

Many projects will be simple installations and the software will be delivered quickly so you can realise the benefits fast.

On larger installations a consultant will be assigned to the project to understand what the customer is looking to achieve. The consultant will work with the appointed customer project team to ensure that the organisation realises the potential that a Qube Global Software solution can bring.

Many of the initial configuration & implementation sessions will be delivered by means of consultant led workshops. These planning sessions will seek to:

  • Set the target objectives for implementing the functionality
  • Understand working practices
  • Outline the tasks & responsibilities for implementing this successfully

The final stage to a successful implementation is the smooth transition from project to production. Qube Global Software have experience of a wide range of projects and are therefore able to provide assistance with the following key areas:

  • Customer business procedure documentation
  • User acceptance testing
  • ‘Go Live’ support

The success of the implementation depends on planning and preparation. Throughout the project we will be looking forward towards the key activity of ‘going live’.

Our relationship with our customers does not end with the implementation. We provide a full support service. This enables our support team to build a picture of your business. As we approach live running we will organise a full handover from our implementation team to the Qube Global Software Customer Services team.

Finally we conduct an end of project review. We are always looking to improve our services and all feedback is welcome.

Software support

The thorough levels of support do not end when the implementation is complete. Qube Global Software has a comprehensive online help facility providing clear advice and guidance on the use of the software. However, while such aids are immensely useful, we appreciate that queries can still arise. The after-sales telephone and email support provided by the Technical Support Desk is unsurpassed.

Qube Global Software's support teams deliver guaranteed service-level agreements, proactive and continuous quality checks, and a dedicated support advisor to ensure the highest levels of support.

Our customer support help desk can provide you with technical help to keep your system running effectively at all times. Our friendly help desk operators are available over the phone or by email during standard office hours to guide you through the system and resolve your query quickly.

Horizon support
Tel: +44 (0)20 3861 7222
Horizon training

Planet support
Tel: +44 (0)20 3861 7111
User suggestion site
Planet training

Qube PM support
Tel: +44 (0) 1529 413030
Qube customer zone
Qube PM training

Qube SLM Support
Tel: +44 (0) 1344 750 100
Qube SLM training

Project management

Qube Global Software recognise that a key factor in the delivery of a successful project is good, professional project management.

In turn, Qube Global Software believe that a major component of professional project management is a set of activities that provide:

  • Control
  • Visibility
  • Validation
  • Verification

These are the guiding principles behind Qube Global Software's project management methodology and they are referred to during project start-up, implementation and closure. In order to achieve this Qube Global Software have built up a mature, robust and scalable framework that can be adopted by all sizes of project, helping to ensure the delivery of many different customer requirements and business benefits. The framework is designed to support the project manager and implementation team, and focuses on these key areas:

  • Communication
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • People, Planning & Time
  • Cost
  • Review & Improvements

Elements of it may be expanded upon, or reduced, as a project is initiated, according to the specific needs of that project.

The Qube Global Software project management framework adheres to quality standard ISO9001.

Technology delivered how you need

We fully recognise that different organisations have different technological needs, which is why our solutions are available either on premise or as an SaaS solution - providing you with the flexibility to match your business needs.

SaaS (Software as a Service) solution

We offer our SaaS solution from our own virtual private cloud, meaning it offers high availability, resilience and security from ultra modern data centres. This also means it is accessible anywhere and anytime you or your staff have access to the internet. Crucially for you, as the user, our SaaS solution means we take ownership of and are responsible for the hardware, software, security, backup and your disaster recovery requirements, leaving you and your business to focus on other key deliverables. As a result, it significantly reduces your total cost of ownership yet at the same time offers increased service levels compared to a system managed in-house.

On Premise solution

While our SaaS solution is market leading, we understand it might not be your preferred option – particularly if you’re looking to leverage your existing investments. Because of this, we also offer our software on premise. In the event you have existing infrastructure and capabilities for an on premise install then we will provide the professional services needed to ensure that the solution roll-out and ongoing system management is a success.